What you resist, persists / La ce va opuneti persista

Eroarea luptei- "finantam lucrurile impotriva carora luptam"( ingrasarea, frica, insomnia, durerea, suferinta), fiindca folosim legea atractiei impotriva noastra si generam un mediu vibrational toxic

"lucrul la care va opuneti persista" ( Isis- zeita naturii si magiei in Egiptul antic)
"What you resist persist "-( Isis- goddess of nature and magic in Ancient Egypt)
Intregul citat:

"Finantati energetic lucrul la care va opuneti sau cu care luptati. La ce va opuneti, persista"/ "Whatever you take on and oppose you are energizing. Whatever you resist, persists";

 Afirmatia lui Iisus reda acelasi principiu: 

"Nu va opuneti raului"/ "Do not resist to evil"

"Let us first consider the old saying "what you resist, persists". The scientists at ZeroPoint Global took up the challenge to help us all thrive, not just survive, in this toxic environment we have created. What if we applied what we have learned from our current products and applied this information toward changing toxic wave forms? With our new revolutionary technology, instead of resisting what was a toxic thought or toxic wave form, we have changed it completely from a toxic form to a healthy form. A wave form that would support our own growth and wellness!"

Lupta cu ingrasarea prin cura de slabire/infometare este o eroare, fiindca printr-o actiune de privare noi invatam organismul sa-si faca rezerve; o camila se ingrasa/face cocoase, tocmai fiindca trece in mod repetat prin perioade de infometare, cand parcurge desertul (unde este privata de apa si hrana);


Tehnica de Eliberare Emotionala [ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)]

aplica legea abandonarii luptei si dictonul: " La ceea ce va opuneti persistă" atat in cazul in care doriti sa scapati de ceva ( durere, anxietate, vina, frica, deprimare, amintiri traumatizante, senzatia ca sunteti depasiti, blocati, sentimente inghetate; sentimentul ca nu sunteti destul de buni, tipare comportamentale eronate ), cat si atunci cand doriti sa obtineti ceva ( incredere in dvs., apreciere pt corpul dvs., claritate, acceptare de sine, abandonare/predare, scadere in greutate, pt mentinerea focalizarii; pt pastrarea increderii in propriile forte, pt crearea unei puteri autentice).

Alte lecturi:  

 "Care sunt cele patru atitudini corecte pt. a realiza Impacarea, Trezirea, Eliberarea si Iluminarea ? /Which are the four right attitudes towards ourselves and others to realize Inner Peace, Enlightenment, Liberation or Ascension/ Quelles sont les quatres attitudes correctes envers nous-mêmes et les autres pour realiser la paix intérieure, l'éveil, la libération ou l'Ascension

Stiinta zeilor /The Science of Gods /La Science des Dieux Wei Wu Wei-Abandonarea luptei si intrarea in starea divina de functionare holografica/ Wei Wu Wei Invulnerability and Holographic Operating Mode

Autorii videoclipului de mai jos atribuie eronat lui Carl Yung ( in loc de Carl Gustav Jung) aceasta zicala a lui Isis, la fel cum cei ce fac share din share par autori ai tuturor articolelor din siturile si grupurile altora;


Cum intelegea   Carl Gustav Jung aceasta afirmatie ?

Jung was talking about his research into what he called, The Shadow. He found that patients who resisted aspects of themselves would have those aspects persist, or actually enlarge. This would draw much energy into the cycle of resistance – problem – more resistance – more problem. The constant resistance to aspects of self could fracture the psyche. His focus was to have the person be whole, rather than fragmented pieces or perfect.

This resistance typically begins with shame. For example, a child gets called “dumb”, feeling lots of shame. As an adult he then resists “dumb”, striving to be smart, perfect. It becomes exhausting to run from any chance of being dumb. For example, maybe he’s always wanted to write a book, but so afraid he could say something anyone would think is “dumb”, so he never writes, ever. The more he resists, the more the pain persists. Oddly, he’ll be plagued by random occasions of really “dumb” things, more shames, more striving for perfection. Ever had this happen to you?

Resisting means hiding, denying, or covering up. The healing is to truly embrace being “dumb” and the gift in it. This is what I’d call Radical Love. We see this in a great comedian who embraces being “dumb” and turns it into art. Think of Ben Stiller. Here’s a guy that really embraces being “dumb” and we also see he is incredibly smart too. The nature of our dualistic existence means that if you are one, you are the other. So get excited embracing your shadow, there’s tremendous Light to be revealed on this journey!



Atunci cand cineva face share din share se pierde tot articolul si ramane exact partea gresita care se propaga; trebuie informati oamenii astfel incat ei sa mearga la intregul articol, care indica erorile din videoclip, text, articol, site iar nu doar la ceva prezentat in articol drept eronat; filmul care se afla pe youtube este doar o ilustrare sau un link in articol; un share care pierde articolul este inutil;

Using EFT for wanting to get rid of something

EFT Tapping diagram/Diagrama punctelor de acupunctura cu rol in eliberare emotionala


Formule verbale folosite pt a scapa de ceva/ pt a obtine ceva

Dr Wayne Dyer -În spatele fiecarui gând este o energie/ Behind Every Thought Is An Energy

Eliberarea emoţiilor negative cu EFT - baterea/atingerea/apasarea punctelor de pe Meridianul de acupunctura /Releasing Negative Emotions with EFT - Meridian Tapping

Tehnici de eliberare emotionala
EFT si sanatatea emotionala, anxietate, fobii, stres, boli psihosomatice

"Daca acceptati o problema exista sanse sa o depasiti, sa treceti dincolo/ What you accept you go beyond

Surrender to win . Resistance is what causes all pain in life. The simple act of 'not wanting' is resistance. The opposite of resistance is non - resistance......acceptance.

say YES! to your problems and watch them melt away
Ceea ce imbratisati se dizolva/ What You Embrace Dissolves"
When we learn to accept ourself and our present circumstance(s) for what they are, we can then begin to release the hold of being stuck and we can continue to move forward in life.
"Este nevoie de curaj sa fii tu insuti/insati" It takes courage to be yourself ! "

"Singurul lucru care se dezvolta este acela pe care-l finantati energetic"/"The only thing that grows is that which you give energy to." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The law of non-resistance teaches that whenever you resist some situation, you are giving more power to it. Ultimately making the challenges increasingly more difficult to solve. By resisting something you are directing negative energy to that object. The energy in which you focus your attention on becomes increasingly more greater.

"You life will not improve until you improve the quality of your thinking.

Cum vad orbii un elefant ?
Fiecare dintre orbii care examineaza un elefant este sigur ca este "ceea ce percepe mijlocit" [ o sulita, un perete/zid, o funie, un pom/stalp, un sarpe, un evantai (ventilator)] / Each of these blind men is sure that "It is what it is"

  Most of the time, it is NOT the experience itself that creates pain and suffering, rather the resistance TO the experience. How you label the experience determines how you feel. We are deeply conditioned from a young age to categorize our experiences into good and bad, right and wrong, desirable and undesirable.Lets say you are feeling down. The mind will unconsciously label it as "bad.
"In the absence of labeling, it is simply a feeling.... it may be uncomfortable but it is not a problem.There is nothing "wrong" ... unless the mind says so!
The typical commentary may be "What is wrong with me?, I wish I didn't feel like this, When is it going to go away?"
How to be happy when you have a combative relationship with what is?


Legea non-rezistentei este una dintre cele 11 legi uitate/The Law of Non-Resistance One of The 11 Forgotten Laws
Bob Proctor states the Law of Non-Resistance like so: "If you resist for [the sake of your] security, you will never have security. Peace, harmony, and joy require that you ARE peace, harmony, and joy. Fighting for peace does not create peace. It creates more fighting. The only way to not have conflict is to 'go with the flow' and not resist. This does not mean give up, it means do not struggle."
Now, the Law of Non-Resistance sounds somewhat like something that a man you might have heard of named Benjamin Franklin wrote: "Those who would give up a little liberty for the sake of more security deserve neither liberty nor security."
You have to live in a spirit of freedom and independence if you are going to work with the Laws. You cannot "play it safe" all the time with these Laws, for if you are working with them they'll sometimes guide you to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. These won't be dishonest or unhealthy things; but you will find yourself changing some of your habits, or seeing things from a whole new perspective that goes against your present belief system, or needing to learn how to do something that you have always been intimidated about learning or doing.How can you change your life if you aren't willing to learn and change yourself?

Bob Proctor Explaining the Law of Resistance:

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