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Lucia Daramus

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scriitor, poet, dramaturg, pictor, interesat de cultura, jurnalist, pasionat de lectura
Despre mine :
Lucia Daramus is Jewish Romanian Writer. She has been a teacher of Latin and Greek since 1999. She worked as the culture editor on the staff of Renasterea Radio Station Cluj-Napoca (2003-2005) as well as the culture editor for the Pro Saeculo magazine (2005). She currently lives and works in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK. She has published several poetry volumes in Romanian and English, and has translated works by Erasmus and Plautus. Her poetry penetrates deeply into the human subconscious, finding and revealing the indestructible connections between spirit, time, and Universe.
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The Land of Limelfia

The Land of Limelfia

Lucia Daramus

In the sanatorium Ilinca was alone. She has invented in her mind a lot of stories. She has created a magical Land – Limelfia. Ilinca's friends were The Little Black, The Little Yellow, The Little Red, very quizzical creatures. These had already been in the magical Land.

On that day, Ilinca was sitting alone, in a corner, with her small peasant purse in which she had put her fantastic stories. All at once, it sounded some funny voices from her purse.

Hey, you, Ilinca, I want to go out! A little creature said.

Ilinca opened the bag, had a look in, and wondered. In the Little Red 's hat the magical Land – Limelfia – was shining. In a second, the room's door was opened and in a moon's light which crept through the window arrived a new child, a girl. The nurse showed her the bed. It was late. The rest of the children were asleep. The new girl's name was Hilda. She had German origin.

Wer ist da? Hilda said.

Das is The Little Red, my friend, Ilinca responded. He has two brothers: The Little Yellow, and The Little Black. I received these magical creatures from my teacher. Little Red, Little Yellow, Little Black talk to Hilda! You, Little Red say Guten Abend! They are tree dwarfs – children. They know to draw. The Little Red paints the poppies, The Little Black tulips, The Little Yellow sunflowers. They are very artful. In the summer time the red of poppies burns because of The Little Red, my friend. The sunflowers won a contest of the beauty because of The Little Yellow. He is very talented. This is my little purse. In my bag I have a lot of magical stories, the colours, and these three little dwarfs....You, Little Black , you are funny! You hid my book. Wo ist das Buch? Oh, my book is here. It is a secret book! Ilinca stretched her hands towards Hilda. But Hilda has not seen a book. Wie heißen Sie? Hilda asked.

. ist Ilinca.

You are a little weird.

Ilinca doesn't have real friends. For the first time, she communicated with Hilda. Perhaps because Hilda had a long, long golden hair like a princess. But Ilinca retreated in her world, in her mind.

Hey, you, little lady! the Little Yellow said.

The pink, green , azure butterflies

the thousands white birds

the small and tall animals

which fly, which sing

which graze on the green plain

all these, dearness girl, wait for us

on the magical Land – Limelfia

the little creatures – Zanurfs – float in sugar steam

it is a marvellous land.

Wow , you created a beautiful metaphor! Is it a plastic metaphor? The Little Black said.

Hey, are you stupid? The Little Red replied.

No, no, it is a magical image, replied The Little Yellow.

You are stupid....from plastic you can make buckets, ..'m....'m...'m...but not metaphors , The Little Red said.

The Little Black became very black because of his fury, and splashed him on the head. You deserve a toad.... naughty dwarfs! It is time to go to Limelfia. You, Little Red, what part of the land are you going to take us? Ilinca declaimed.

-To the edge of Limelfia. In that place we find sweet and vanilla water for all children from the hospital where is very hot. But I need a warm wind, and The Little Red blew his nose.

-This is not a problem. You keep your cap opened.

The Little Red stretched his cap to the girl. Ilinca stared to the moon and said: Lady Moon, Lady Moon, please say to your volcanoes to hatch and to cough and when they are hot to blow in The Little Red's cap. We want to go out from the Earth, we want to arrive in Limelfia.

-If I do what you say, do you give me something? The Lady Moon caressed her fluffy edge of the dress, and then she looked in a magical mirror.

The girl thought for a short while and then replied: In that part of Limelfia it rains often. The small creatures, Zanurfs, are wetter than the Zanurfs in the middle of the Limelfia. All of them work a lot, in sale. They sell clouds to the Zanurfs in the middle of Limelfia. In this part of the land it does not rain, because it is desert. I will sell clouds. With this money I will buy dolphins which will sing for you.

-Oh, you are very kind, little girl! But, tell me, why do you want to travel in that part of the universe?

-Where I live I don't like! It is a hideous hospital. There are many children. Inside is very, very hot because it is summer, and we are twenty-five boys and girls in one room. We really like vanilla cold water. Do you remember, last evening, when I visited you, I made you a proposal. I said : 'Come down , Lady Moon, have a good sleep in my bed .' I would have offered to you a vanilla ice-cream. I would like to save the children from this hot room. I must bring sweet and flavoured water from Limelfia.

The Lady Moon stretched her arms, she lifted up the girl, and she smiled saying: Let's start! The hatch. But, there is a but, these must have a very deep...deep sleep. When they snore, they start to seethe, to cough.

It's funny, Ilinca replied. They have a deep sleep!

-Dear girl, the volcanoes can not sleep If someone doesn't sing. I can not sing! I have lost my voice, and The Lady Moon coughed. But you can sing!

Ilinca started to sing. Her voice moved the stars in the sky. She sang a very old song, whom her grandmother had sung when Ilinca was a toddler. It was a song about Eli, in Jewish language, an old language which made the mountains to drip tears. She had remembered the grandmother's stories, songs, words, when she was a toddler.

The grandmother's voice was like a warm fountain. But now Ilinca was sitting in a hospital. Now it was her turn to sing old songs. The magical sounds of these songs were taming the universe. All the stars rushed to see who this human being is, which has such a beautiful voice. The volcanoes on the moon have fallen asleep. Some of them started to snore and to smoke from their nostrils, other started to cough.

Suddenly, the cap of The Little Red was full with a warm wind. At once Ilinca and the dwarfs landed on magical Land, Limelfia. They were greeted by the Zanurfs.

To penetrate to the magical land, Limelfia, everyone must prove their kindness and courage. In front of the Limelfia's gate there was a funny creature, a Baediatrop. He was merry, he was like a sphere, he had a big and red nose. He asked everyone: 'big man, or small man?'

Ilinca's first attempt appeared very simple, but in reality it was not. A green carpet with white and yellow butterflies was beside her. In its middle there was a hopscotch. Ilinca threw a small flat stone. She hop hop hop in squares. When she was near the small stone a big hole opened and the little girl fell in. She span, and span... in the hopscotch's maze...Finally she fell in the last room of the maze. On the desk she found a parchment. It was old, old, and it smelt of animal skin. The ancient letters were tied with each other in long, long sentences. Ilinca read: any human is like a metaphor of a precious stone. In their life time they hone themselves. Their inner beauty and brightness are born from what they do to others. At the end, the man is like a jewel. He is a precious stone. If you want to leave the room prove your kindness.

Ilinca was very surprised. What to do?

She started to go to the right. It was a street of the rougalvial maze. She was hungry. She had nothing to eat. She thought , thought, thought....and she started to sing. The old song opened the wall of the rougalvial maze. There were closed all the people which were not able to prove their kindness.

I can save them, I can save them, said Ilinca! Come with me, come with me!

All of them fell into a big and black mouth of a laced shell which closed at once. From the shell's water a strange voice was heard: the big human can not penetrate the magical land, Limelfia. An innocent voice must sing. You, little girl, If you want big human to be saved, you have to remain in this shell forever and sing.

Ilinca was very brave. She started to play with a see horse baby and to sing.

Her friends, the dwarfs, were very scared. They were on the shore of the land. They went to the Big Baediantrop who was the President of Limelfia.

Hello, mister President Baediantrop! I am The Little Red and I talk in red, red, red, red....I forgot....But the little girl is.....she has a big heart...and....

Hello, Mister President Baediantrop! I am The Little Yellow ….and my words are very yellow, yellow, yellow....and the little girl is hold....and she is …..

Yellow? Mister President Baediantrop asked.

No, no, no....I am The Little....

Black , said the president.

Oh, Yes, yes, and my sounds are very black, black.....and Ilinca, the little girl is...

Stop, Stop, Stop! Said again the president. What do you want? Your words , I know, are very coloured. Is it about a little girl? What is her name?

Ilinca, Ilinca, replied The Little Red, Yellow and Black very, very coloured....

Bring Ilinca to me! Said The President of Limelfia, Baediantrop to others small Baediantrops.

Ilinca sat in front of the Baediantrops and the Zanurfs. She told them about the hospital, about the children from preventorium, The Lady Moon....

The President of Limelfia, Big Baediantrop, promised to Ilinca that he would help her. The Big Baediantrop shook the Limelfian Ocean and parts of it, vanilla water, have poured over edges, reaching to the children in the hospital.

The little girl has not forgotten the promise made to The Lady Moon. In the Little Yellow's cap she squeezed some clouds she had sold in the desert. There the landscape was very devastated. Near the cactuses there were some weird creatures, half- lizards, half-dragons. The Little Red, The Little Yellow, The Little Black took these creatures as exotic fruits and ate them. In their tummies the weird creatures struggled, willing to go out. All of Ilinca's friends in Limelfia tried to help The Little Red, Yellow and Black, but unsuccessfully. If you could help them, Ilinca is waiting for your advice.

Her address is:

Ilinca and their three friends

Street: Rougalvial rainbow

County: The branch of the tree

Land: Limelfia

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Lucia Daramus's Blog

....myself and my mother

Postat în Mai 20, 2016 la 6:24pm 0 Comentarii

..myself and my mother

by Lucia Daramus

my mother had big belly

in her cave I lay 9 months.

god, god stuck my look

not to look in people's eyes.

even in the womb

god, god gave me to suck lorazepam

occasionally haloperidol.

the mother's belly was a pothole with sleepers.

there, the subway of God walked

when I came out I found other subway

it was connected to god, god.

the underground…


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