You name it..hope..
I say..
what should we dream about and why??
..because! says he
the reality grows darker
and in a time and space like this..
wouldn't dare to take a glimpse.
have to see behind the scenes
for in the end, the good reveals.

fuck the rest of you,I say!
give me hope and then I last..
long as for eternity
me,myself and only me...

I don't care about the others since I know for sure I'm free
Free..alone..and done for ever
With the hole stupidity.

-You are sad, my dear...
you and all humanity
why can't you go on
leave it all behind..just BE?

Can't go on like this..days and nights..
long nights have passed
thinking , praying for my last..
Love is said to be the matter
all I loved has slowly scattered
and the only thing that lasts..
is the joy of days that passed..
cruel memories...I say.

But you're young, you've got life and dreams and hopes to be fulfilled!
why you drag yourself in such a guilt?

-you know why? I clearly sound..
Nothingness is my surround. (and then I smiled..though..he cannot give me

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