Food Packaging Adhesive with the sticky side

Adhesive photo paper is just like an ordinary satin photo paper, with one important addition: an adhesive backside! And while an PUR Adhesive backside is seldom something we humans strive for, it makes adhesive photo paper all the more awesome!

This backing allows you to print off a photo, then simply peel off the back of the paper and stick your photo anywhere you want to. Essentially, it turns your favorite picture into a sticker, which allows you to share it much more easily and much more widely with the masses - or your friends and family.

One relative new form of denture adhesives are denture wafers or strips. These are placed into the denture and their double-stick sides firmly attach the teeth to the mouth. They do not create the barrier that denture glues provide, meaning that food can still slip between the dentures and the gum then become trapped.

Adhesive tape comes in a wide variety of styles and strengths, making it one of the most versatile materials around. Whether you are taping up boxes with transparent adhesive tape or attacking a larger project with a roll of duct tape in tow, it is an essential to any home.

While transparent adhesive tape is most often used for wrapping packages, it also makes an effective pet hair remover. Simply roll a piece of Food Packaging Adhesive with the sticky side out and rub along the area of your sofa or clothing to pick up unwanted hair and lint.

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