He is played by British actor Ben Kingsley.

President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige says their goal was to alter the background of The Mandarin from the strictly Chinese heritage from the comic books.

'It's less about his specific ethnicity than the symbolism of various cultures and iconography that he perverts for his own end cartier love charity bracelet,' Feige told Entertainment Weekly. 'From his samurai hair, to his royal robe, to his bin Laden esque beard, and the AK 47 he keeps at his side, Kingsley's interpretation is a hodgepodge of various warrior motifs.'

While Kingsley's villain was the same for all audiences, an

additional four minutes of Chinese scenes were included for viewers in

that country giving a minor plot twist and a few shots of femaleBingbing and another local Chinese star, Wang Xueqi, against aIn addition, director

Shane Black shot scenes in Beijing and used famous Chinese actors who do

not appear in the International version. He even signed product

placement deals with Chinese companies replica cartier love bracelet.

Fan Bingbing has an ever so brief role in an

extra Iron Man 3 scene as a nurse. She has even been tipped to star in the next

Marvel movie X Men: Days of Future Past cartier love bracelet for men.

Benefits: The producers, Disney/Marvel, partnered with a Chinese production company. It means a greater percentage of box office receipts and an easier ride with Chinese film censors

The overseas total for Iron Man 3 is $664.1 million across 55 territories with an incredible $95.2 million from .

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