India is a kingdom full of myth and fairy tales. Cartier absorbs a great wealth of inspiration in its symbolic jewelry making and mysterious style from India. India has always had a unique technique in gem cutting process, such as rubies engraved with ribbed or emeralds, and water droplets cutting or rose cutting diamond. The Jaipur enamel small dish decorated with red, green and white flower and bird designs fully displays this kind of historic tradition. Cartier cleverly integrated this tradition into the design of dressing boxes and charms for jewelry making. This fusion of eastern and western elements was very bold and trendy in the early 20th century; at the same time, the excellent and unique technique of India provides a flow of inspiration for Cartier.

Jacques Cartier trekked through the whole Indian mainland and shot countless photos. He set up branch offices in Mumbai Bombay Trading Company, which opened the door the contemporary India. When the Indian Princes came one after another and asked to create dazzling Cartier gold and platinum jewelry, Cartier took advantage of this opportunity to bring Indian craft tradition into the 20th century. Elegant daily decorations even Christmas jewelry were shaped into miniature version of the majestic architecture of the Mughal period cartier love bracelet price 2017, jewelry boxes were depicted as dignified and refined portraits, including Shah Bahadur as well as Shah Jahan.

When Cartier brought Indian style into the fashion field cartier love bracelet pink gold, the Western world began to be fascinated with Kashmir sapphire, Burmese ruby, ornate carved Mughal emeralds, agate beads and Tibetan beads and other precious stones in India. He appreciated the inherent poetic mood of these irregular stones, concatenated these round stones and fixed with decorative lines. The famous jewelry maker explores the Indian rich pattern, precious stones and color endlessly and regarded it as a mysterious mainland filled with holy glory and stylish brightness, moreover, it is the cradle of dazzling jewelry. Splendid magnificent style of India was reinterpreted into Tutti Frutti style in Pop Art, one of the most representative work is the necklace Daisy Faroe fake cartier love bracelet.

Cartier bathed in gorgeous oriental culture, naturally blending Indian elements into their own design and philosophy. When Indian royal members wore precious stones and accessories, this cultural dialogue opens up a whole new pattern. Once the largest prince had ordered a great number of necklaces, belt buckles, buttons and bracelets, later he displayed on a jewelry exhibition unprecedentedly.

India has given birth to numerous magical legends and romantic fairy tales, while the largest jewelry producer has profound love of this land. In 2000, he gave a necklace to the Sir Singh in order to reappear the magical brilliance of the ancient Indian civilization. Contemporary India is a vibrant, serene and sacred land; the country both sensual and mysterious can always supply surprise and admiration to Cartier.

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