Mihai Eminescu, UP TO THE STAR [ English by Emil Ciolan ]

Mihai Eminescu
Up to the Star

[English version by Emil Ciolan], [ suggestions welcomed at lm_nlc_6002@yahoo.com ]

Up to the star loomed in the night
The crossing way so distant
That it took eons whereby light
Could reach our earthly instant.

It may have died long time ago,
Beyond the sky-line azure,
Yet only now its ray aglow
To grant our eyes such pleasure.

The icon of the star that died
On high begins its flare,
It was, when no one saw it ride.
We see now what’s not there.

Likewise the plight when our yearn died
Deep in the night, sigh-heaving,
The light of love’s extinguished tide
Still lightens our living.


Mihai Eminescu, La Steaua /Up to the Star, Translated into English by Emil Ciolan, Petroşani, 2014.

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