There is "The Hero" and there is "The Princess"."The Hero" cares for pleasure and "The Princess" cares for safety,"The Hero" is strong and "The Princess" is beautiful,"The Hero" cares for "the many" and "The Princess" cares for "the few","The Hero" cares for "the strong" and "The Princess" cares for "the weak","The Hero" likes to conquer and "The Princess" likes not,"The Hero" hates to surrender but "The Princess" hates not,"The Hero" follows instinct and "The Princess" follows reason,"The Hero" likes to acquire and "The Princess" likes to own,"The Hero" likes to understand and "The Princess" likes to know,"The Hero" is smart and "The princess" is wise,"The Hero" likes to teach and "The Princess" likes to learn,"The Hero" likes to gamble and "The Princess" likes not,"The Hero" is courageous and "The Princess" is prudent,"The Hero" is relentless and "The Princess" is patient,"The Hero" likes to impress and "The Princess" likes to seduce,"The Hero" is aggressive and "The Princess" is brutal,"The Hero" likes to defeat and "The Princess" likes to eliminate,"The Hero" likes to boast and "The Princess" likes to complain,"The Hero" is optimistic and energetic and "The Princess" is calm and meditative,"The Hero" likes to explore and "The Princess" likes to be explored,"The Hero" likes to die for and "The Princess" likes to live for,"The Hero" likes to follow and "The Princess" likes to obey,"The Hero" likes to observe and dissect and "The Princess" likes to gaze and admire,"The Hero" likes and uses logic and "The Princess" likes and uses knowledge,"The Hero" likes to chase and "The Princess" likes to be chased after,"The Hero" likes to be admired and "The Princess" likes to be loved,"The Hero" is generous and "The Princess" is compassionate,"The Hero" likes to earn respect and "The Princess" likes to be respected,"The Hero" likes to earn money and "The Princess" likes to have money,"The Hero" likes to spend money and "The Princess" like to save money,"The Hero" likes to be trusted and "The Princess" likes to be feared,"The Hero" likes to trust and "The Princess" does not,"The Hero" likes to cheat and "The Princess" hates to be cheated (not necessarily in a sexual but in a general way),"The Hero" likes freedom and "The Princess" likes power,"The Hero" love and trust "The Princess" and "The Princess" trusts and fear (in the sense of respect,aknowledgement of his strength) "The Hero" (under normal circumstances).However,when this two quarrel and "The Hero" no longer love "The Princess" but hates her he becomes "The Tyrant" (the stepfather/the rapist) and when "The Princess" no longer trusts nor fear "The Hero" she becomes "The Ice Princess" (the stepmother/the bitch) and when she no longer trust but still fears him she becomes "The Romantic".This two are present in each and every one of us,and the way they combine and relate to each-other makes the man (or woman) personality.As a general rule (but there are exceptions),when a man acts like a princess he feels weak or seeks safety and when a woman acts like a hero she seeks pleasure.The exceptions being patterns of behaviour either inherited from the parents and/or society (or against them) or adopted at some point in life like solutions of adaptation.This two are also present in society like cultural/moral currents,witch are in a permanent (and normally friendly) struggle with each other for finding an optimal solution for adaptation of the respective society to the environment and to itself,and like in individuals there are features/patterns that fixate(over a long period of time) and compose the respective society's individuality both as a whole or sex divided.In any case,it's clearly obvious that no adaptation is possible for both an individual and or society without combining those two in some way.What happened over the last few decades is that after "The Hero" showed his ugly face in the the first and second world wars and after that with communism,society began to push aside the masculine values,distrust in bad/irrational men echoed as distrust in "The Hero" and from there echoed back as distrust in all men.On top of that,the new globalization diluted the group conscience so "The Hero",the promoter and defender of the group ("The Many") was no longer seen as a necessity,hence the women began to look at men in the same way : "I no longer need the man but he still needs me",this also being fueled by the new status of independence gained by women through the feminist movement.This factors are in fact not independent but interconnected,it all started with distrust in bad man (tyrants) and evolved from there in a cascade effect.The big problem is (among others) that by despising "The Hero" we despise pleasure (all kinds of it,because all kinds of pleasure are derived from the sexual kind) and the sexual energy builds up in us (both men and women) turning into hate,and this is dangerous.This mechanism usually led to revolutions (because the ruling class were seen not as heroes,but as ice princesses,and since society was ruled by ice princesses it meant "The Hero" was weak) and/or wars.Men are able to live in worst imaginable conditions (like in caves) and still feel happy as long as they are able to feel pleasure,when they no longer can - that's when trouble starts.Now I won't pretend that this is the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth - sort of speak.Its just my opinion,some of the pieces of the puzzle i collected over the years.

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