Jewelry and it's NeedJewelry has a different meaning for different people. It can be merely a display material to show the craftsmanship rather than utilization. It can be otherwise a mark of status or wealth. Even more lively and humanly, it can be a symbol of love! The only difference is whether you choose a Cartier diamond necklace or an ordinary engagement ring. Sometimes rarity of a material makes the difference.

When it comes to expensive jewelry, most of us envision celebrities or royalty walking on the red carpet. Obviously, the super rich collectors would choose to buy the rarest multi million dollar collections time to time when they appear in the auction market. Here, I would like to share some knowledge about the most expensive jewelry ever made. I thought of making this kind of a hub, because we are not going to see them in any local store. All we can do is to watch them in this way!!

Wallis Simpson's panther bracelet $12.4 million The relationship between Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII is well known in the history of England. Simpson had collected many gifts from Edward to treasure their love. Some of them got into auction block in 2010. The most unconventional jewelry piece among them is the panther bracelet. It was designed by Cartier in 1952. The bracelet is uniquely shaped like a panther that appears to be leaping over your wrist to teat put your flesh! It is studded with white diamonds and onyxes cartier love charity bracelet. The eyes protrude from the socket which is made of specially cut emeralds that present a natural look cartier love bracelet white gold. It was auctioned at $12.4 million in spite of the improper condition in which the bracelet was sold. Even though some stones had gone missing, the price was thrice its original value. There is a rumour that Madonna, who directed the film about Simpson and her lover Edward VIII, is the owner of the bracelet.

L'Incomparable Diamond Necklace $55 million This is the most valuable necklace in the world as it features the world's largest flawless diamond with 407.48 carats. The massive yellow is accompanied by smaller diamonds of 230 carats. It would appear like a dream if you know it was actually discovered by a little girl of Democratic Republic of Congo. In 1980's when it was discovered from a rubble pile, it was rough 890 carat. It underwent lot of studies, numerous dealers and cutting to reach the point it is today cartier love bracelet 17. And now we have an alive movie on it! This is about the effort of three persons behind the film.

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Mundum Neriyathum A Keralite Legacy

Mundum neriyathum is the traditional clothing of Keralites. It is simple and comfortable to wear. Being a pure cotton material,it suits the climate of South India.

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