It was so odd.And just because I knew you!I really wish I didn’t..They said they knew you..and they also are…God!But that can’t be!Cuz..they don’t know what we have together.And that’s why I said I didn’t know you..That much.What a shame..On me,and on my heart.

I should be ponished for that..Or not!Cause,what you do,it’s just a game.A game whose rules you left aside,and..Jee..Not even you,or your brain,don’t know..Only..your..your..sssss**ul[:d].God,do you even know how weird it was to talk about you like I didn’t even know you?I gotta say..I missed you..And,I was so..I can’t even say that.Cuz..for a second,I remembered those beautiful summer times,when I was sitting there,on the attic,reading from a book the same phrase over and over again,watching that ineffectual gate,waiting for you to come,and see me there,waving…But,in the end,you never came..You never came as I expected you to..

You came and surprised me [like REALLY surprised me!], covering my eyes,and waiting for a ‘Hello’.Then,you kissed me…’Cause you missed me’.

Then,we walked under the moonlight,feeling that powerful lime scent of the summer, and thought…We were all silent,only our steps hearing on the alleys…And that’s how..My tears came now.That’s how,my being cries for you..Cause,you say words,that I know you don’t mean,and..that’s what hurts the most..Remember those beautiful brown eyes you had?And..they were so pure when I met you..And looked at you..Now,I couldn’t even see your eyes..Cause you hid.Is that cause you know they’re not like that anymore?Is that cause you’re afraid of me telling you the truth?’s just that..You suffer?And not because of me..And I’m glad.Cause I wouldn’t like to see you suffer because of my acts.You’re afraid of her.And that’s it.

You’re perfect!You’re so alike me.We do the same things,we say the same words…And,we have the same problems.Well,almost.[:d].

But it’s you…It’s you Muse boy!

:) And I’ll keep using long as my heart will.

P.S : Iar m-ai aţâţat.Shame on me!And..on you,especially!

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