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La 9:34pm în Ianuarie 23, 2011, Luiza Cala a spus...

Dear Ray,

I'm glad you like my paintings. Thanks!
Life is a maze, it's true! It is important to find the way out ..

You succeeded to get out of the  dark labyrint, this is important!

Now you're in another maze, in a maze of light, but still a maze ...
Try not to forget the story of Ariadne's thread, teach others, help tham, teach tham
to become winners too!

I write and listen to your music. It is full of deep feeling. I like and I will post on my Facebook page.
Be happy, dear winner!

A big hug,


La 11:55am în Decembrie 4, 2010, seul alexandru decebal a spus...
thank You Allan decebal alexandru seul
La 9:34am în August 11, 2010, seul alexandru decebal a spus...
Thank You Allan/ Decebal Alexandru Seul
La 6:49pm în Iunie 29, 2010, seul alexandru decebal a spus...
Pentru tine Allan,o vară cu multe bucurii şi împliniri în cele dorite, decebal alexandru seul
La 6:38pm on Mai 30, 2010, Lucretia Berzintu i-a dăruit utilizatorului Raymond Allan Kuran un cadou...
La 11:46am în Ianuarie 8, 2010, stelian grigore a spus...
Today I want to offer you my diaporama MAD HOSPITAL . You find it on my page . I wish you a wonderfull day . Astazi vreau sa-ti daruiesc diaporama SPITALUL DE NEBUNI . O gasesti pe pagina mea . Sper sa ai o zi minunata azi .
La 3:33pm on Decembrie 25, 2009, turean nadia i-a dăruit utilizatorului Raymond Allan Kuran un cadou...
La 8:18pm în Decembrie 12, 2009, Arradia von Drachstedt a spus...
Hello Ray, very good your music!
You can post your biografy or upload your music at www.dianaciurtin.ning.com !
Good luck and blessings!
La 7:48pm în Noiembrie 20, 2009, Niculescu Eugen a spus...
excelent Man, congratulations
I'm glad to have discoverd your music
La 12:07am în Octombrie 19, 2009, SOLON VALENTINA-LILIANA a spus...

La 1:54pm în Octombrie 17, 2009, Lelia Mossora a spus...
La 9:59am în Octombrie 2, 2009, Dea a spus...
That's really cool. Google make's wonders :P I've understood almost everything that you've wrote to me...google translate's pretty good but not 100% right
Be safe singer songwriter recording artis :)
La 10:15am în Septembrie 29, 2009, Dea a spus...
I thought you do not know romanian, because if you knew you could have written the first time in romanian :D. Romanian is a very hard language to learn but good look. Hope to see you in Romania, you have many things to see here. Have a nice day!
La 3:53pm în Septembrie 25, 2009, Dea a spus...
Hello back. :) I've heard your songs on the site and they are great. Hope to hear from you again. Dea
La 10:38am în Septembrie 25, 2009, Gelu Vlaşin a spus...
hello from the international cultural network ! how are you raymond ?


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