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La 9:10pm în Decembrie 5, 2010, badicioiu laurentiu a spus...
Yo soy profesor Bădicioiu Lorenzo, coordinador del Festival Internacional de Poesía y Epigenética Romeo y Julieta en Mizil. Me gustaría participar en este festival. Vaya, por favor www.romeojulietalamizil.ro

¿Recuerda que el festival está dirigido a jóvenes rumanos / ba extranjeras ... todas las edades y en otros lugares, han consagrado.
Diciembre terminar el registro.
Ven a prisa!
La 9:10pm în Decembrie 5, 2010, badicioiu laurentiu a spus...
Sunt profesorul Bădicioiu Laurenţiu, coordonator al Festivalului Internaţional de Poezie şi Epigrame "Romeo şi Julieta la Mizil ". Mi-ar face mare plăcere să vă înscrieţi la acest festival. Accesaţi, vă rog, www.romeojulietalamizil.ro
Vă mulţumesc!

Vă mai reamintesc că festivalul se adresează tinerilor români/străini de… orice vârstă şi de pretutindeni, consacraţi au ba.
Haideţi cu grăbire!
La 12:05pm în Noiembrie 12, 2008, MARIA DIANA POPESCU a spus...
Maria Diana
La 9:09pm în Februarie 15, 2008, juan carlos guerrero a spus...
Mira este video de música nuestra, te encantará. Ya es un preámbulo de lo peruano...
La 12:16pm în Februarie 14, 2008, Gema Moraleja Paz a spus...
hola cielo,tu libro es uno de los siguientes,vete a ver por cierto mi pagina hay 5 libros nuevos publicados.besotes a tus amigos de la foto,por que no creais algo peculiar de vuestra tierra?
La 10:04pm în Februarie 13, 2008, juan carlos guerrero a spus...
Thanks to you, Lucia.
Now already I have certain information of Mr. Blaga, a little unknown for Latin America. It is good, of your part that you spread it. I of my part will investigate more about him.
La 4:11pm în Februarie 10, 2008, Lucia Daramus a spus...
Dear Juan Carlos Querrero,

During in the history of Romanian philosophy, Lucian Blaga has developed a complete system of philosophical disciplines:
- the philosophy of culture
- cosmology
- esthetics
- anthropology
- epistemology
- ontology ....
At the origin of values there is The Big Anonymous (The Big Mystery of The Cretor).
The philosophy of L.Blaga belongs to mystery, metaphysics. The cultural studies of Blaga have Germanian origin. Blaga readed especially „ The Critique of Pure Reason” by Immanuel Kant. „The Trilogy of Knowledge”, a book of Blaga, contains so many references about the knowledge and philosophy of the time.
L.Blaga suffered a long time, during second Warld War and in comunism.

In Blaga’s opinion, the culture is the sine qua non of humannes. The cultural creation, corresponding to Blaga’s writings, involves: style, metaphorical expression, intellectual material, spiritual material.
The basis of the human creativity is represented by „stylistic matrix”. At foundation of culture there are three elements: the revelation, the cognition (Luciferical Cognition and Paradisaic Cognition), the mystery.
The poet Blaga has a feeling of cosmic unity, but only up to a point, beyond which follows crisis.

I Do Not Crush The World’S Corolla of Wonders – by Lucian Blaga

I do not crush the world’s corolla of wonders
My mind does not kill
the mysteries I meet
on my way
in flowers, eyes, on lips or in tombs.
The light of others
strangles the spell of the hidden unpenetrated
in depths of darkness,
but I,
I with my light increase the secret of the world –
as the moon with her white rays
does not diminish, but shimmering
intensifies night’s mystery.
I do myself enrich the dark horizon
with shivers, great shivers of sainted secret,
and what’s not comprehended
becomes even more incomprehensible
under my own watching –
because I love
flowers and eyes, and lips and tombs.
La 10:37pm în Februarie 9, 2008, juan carlos guerrero a spus...
Hello, Wilco, enchanted by the visit.

La 10:32pm în Februarie 9, 2008, juan carlos guerrero a spus...
The poem seems very good to me. It must be admirable Blaga. I would like to know more of him.
La 8:28pm în Februarie 9, 2008, _-_ a spus...
Nice to see you here, Juan Carlos

La 9:46pm în Februarie 7, 2008, Lucia Daramus a spus...
Dear Juan Carlos Querrero,

This is a poem written by Blaga, my favourite Romanian poet, because he is very profound, metaphysical and philosophical.

I Wait For My Dusk - by Lucian Blaga

My eyes washed by the starred dome,
I know that I too carry
in my soul many, many stars
and milky ways,
wonders of darkness.
But I cant't see them,
there's too much sun in me,
that's why I can't see them.
I wait for my day to set,
for my horizon to close its eyelids,
I wait for my dusk, my night and pain,
the darkening of my sky
so the stars in me might rise,
my stars
which I have not
yet seen. Delete Comment
La 2:04pm în Ianuarie 27, 2008, Lucia Daramus a spus...
Ok, dear Juan Carlos Querrero,
I understand. Yes, Cioran is a great philosopher, denouced abstract speculation in favor of indulgence in personal reflection and passionate lyricism. „I’ve invented nothing: I’ve simply ben the secretary of my sensations”, he later claimed. Skepticism, Nihilism and Pessimism characterizes all of his works.
But, dear Juan Carlos Querrero, I suggest you to read other two great philosophers:
1. Lucian Blaga
2. Constantin Noica
I’m sure you’ll love Blaga! Here in Cluj there is every year the International Symposium „Lucian Blaga” which includes two sections: literature and philosophy.
Best regards,
Lucia Daramus Delete Comment
La 9:10am în Ianuarie 26, 2008, Lucia Daramus a spus...
Dear Juan Carlos Querrero,

Thank you for your literature friendship. But, you speak good English.

Lucia Daramus
La 2:56am în Ianuarie 25, 2008, Laura HR a spus...
do you know how can we send messages (e-mails) within la red culturel? to exchange ideas with the members, even if we don't know their e-mails. Is it possible?
La 2:21am în Ianuarie 25, 2008, Laura HR a spus...
it's almost morning here, and you're in the middle of the day :)
I should go to sleep. I would have like to read your poems, but not now, need special moments to be in the mood for them
La 2:00am în Ianuarie 25, 2008, juan carlos guerrero a spus...
Saludos. No es tan difícil el español. Eh.
La 11:46pm în Ianuarie 24, 2008, Laura HR a spus...
saludos, amigo
La 11:24pm în Ianuarie 23, 2008, Poemagenes a spus...
...Agradecido por la invitación, amigo Juan Carlos. Acepto, por supuesto... SALUDOS:
La 11:54pm în Ianuarie 21, 2008, Laura HR a spus...
what a pity I don't understand Spanish :) (although I like it so much)... I've visited your blog and it seemed interesting, but I didn't understand a thing (could only imagined). Do you have any of your texts in English versions?
La 11:47pm în Ianuarie 20, 2008, Gelu Vlaşin a spus...
Espero que la "familiarizacion" no sea tan larga ... de todo modo espero que te guste la multiculturalidad que tenemos en la red...


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