Strange Vortex or Time portal worm hole has been seen in the sky of Mexico !!!

Multiple apariti de tehnologie avansata care curbeaza spatiul si timpul
(portal temporal). This strange light in the sky seems like a worm hole or time portal hole, has appeared in the skys of Mexico. Frankly, what ran through my mind was that it seems like some kind of time portal from the 4th dmension or something else that has to do with some kind of time travel. And I do believe that there are other people like us some where else, thing is if they exist like alot of people say why dotn they show themselve. Well maybe because, apparently the gov. are trying to shoot them down as you can see in one of my vids,who knows from where its coming from, but this appeard around 2005. That explains all those little and big machines flying around the space shuttle. And again thats vid is on youtube to. Do you believe in aliens now? Well some thing passed through that thing other wise if any one has a better explanation be my guest. Positive comments are accepted and aproved by me. So they been here since 2005 huh ? lol dam if thats true whats going to happen now since the gov. wont tell us most of these things are happening not to mention the tablets they found in in the 20s. They are suppose to share with us every thing they find tresaures or what not. They have kept that a secret since the 20s. The gov has been lying to us and brain washing us with their religion. But never the last I do believe in the Creator of all this universe! There can only be one! or who knows maybe there were severals(elohim is a plural). We will know on 2012!

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