Erkut Tokman
  • 50, Masculin
  • Istanbul
  • Turcia
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Erkut Tokman

Informaţii pentru profil

Despre mine :
I am turkish poet,actor,writer,translator from Istanbul in other way I am an engineer. I was born in 1971 in multi-culturel enviroment of Istanbul learning about different cultures and religions mingled with hormonious way. My late 20s I went to London, studied dance,drama and poetry with various groups and organizations and spent two years, after that I settled in Bucharest and worked there as an engineer for four years and also studied drama and musical acting in performing arts shcool with romainan artists. I have two published poetry book in turkish. Since 1996 I have been publishing my poems,articles and translations in various literature magazine in Turkey. I have participated in some international festivals in London,Bucharest,Paris and now I live in Istanbul since 2006.

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To Hamilton’s


I am a dead philosopher,
Who picks up his bones from unwritten books?
Whenever I cuddle fossilized soils
I smell my soul
That chants
Old serenades of ancient theatres
Life! You are my unforgotten primadonna
My last melodrama!

I am a dead poet,
Who has not yet to be inspired?
Whenever I conceive ideas
I wear flowers on my body
That bloom
Future’s seeds of civilizations,
Art! You are my evergreen leaves
My begotten sins!

I am a dead dream-maker
Who visualize the time?
Melting in to pottery
Whenever I reshape
The mirrors with mud
To hide my face, reappear
Inner space of solitude, Ages!
Sagacious holly places!
You are my best friends
My undiscovered traces!

I am a dead story-teller
Who hands down memories?
That enliven
The happiness of children
Whenever I caress
Unimaginativeness of people, I think of
Philosophy! Embodied thoughts,
You are my everlasting temptation
My contemplation!

I am a dead dervish
Who meditates unachieved oneness?
That twirls around in universe
Holly families!
Therefore I am writing to you
You are my ancestors,
For God sake

Erkut Tokman©.



Soul vibrating to and fro in the old house by the spirit of music
within brandnew friends of Romania.
As the candle lights melt in to the shadow of furnitures
The faces I glance at reflecting on the mirrors
I can`t tell a single word lacking on my lip and tongue-tip
Like a tip-toes on the air by leap hop-hip
As if dancing through a fairy-tail saying myself lib-lib
I feel time is not exsist at this moment marching tic-tic
I drink …I sing…lay lay laay!
I think I fly…flip-flip…over the sky!
An egg hatchs-hatchs crick crack
Incubate upon myself I watch as if the birds’ wing touch
I scratch the tid-bids of the sarrow
Saying myself could you see something to barrow?
to put in to the basket of happiness,
that yields the fruits of soul!?
Echoes from the cathedral din-don din-dan!
Abondon from your sins while the bells run,
Here is the rain within charm, pursuing the
Lights, bright flic-flic trees in sun.
Happiness lic-lic drops on the streets and walls
from faces to faces water falls
I lie over the vastness of space and sink
In to the stillness of serenity,
I feel forever
I am in eternity!

Erkut Tokman©.

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La 12:17am în Octombrie 5, 2009, ANTONIO MARTINEZ DE UBEDA a spus...
Versete LA un ateu

În schimb de intuneric si RECE DE IARNA
Agnosticism care se temeau în iad.

Si mandria mea în ceea ce discernământ,
ATUNCI CÂND GENUNCHI durere copleşitoare,
Ei purtau VECINI cer albastru
HEAT CARE SE URMĂREŞTE inima licitaţie.

Cu misterele ticăloşi DE APEL
EAGLE DOING răspunsuri.

OMS pentru a nu cunoaste pe Dumnezeu IMPLICITE,
NU INVEST în eternitate de pariuri.

Securitatea este furnizate fără BITE,
LUAREA Pacea de la MIND solicitată,
Calm Manso a valurilor în ameţit
Şi naşterea Halit DE CORDURA.

Legăna cu asalt HARD WORD
De noapte pentru a fi clar că, fără SWORD
AVISE la zori, care apoi a trimite
PLAYING cu textura douăsprezece vrăbii.

Faptul că, pentru INGRATA REBELDIA şi ironie
PERSISTENŢI credinţa călit,
Nevinovăţie este nici urmă de adevăr RASGULLE DADA

BABY nascut la data de OMS şi vârstnici Opus
CARE TREBUIE CREDINŢĂ veşnică în CITY de inundaţii
Unde pacea fi apreciate de ST.

Permisiunea să facă SOUND AER
MUTE, care este greseala a vrut să-şi asume,
Odis JUPITER zeilor şi Asleep

Antonio Martínez de Ubeda LINDEN
La 12:42am în Septembrie 24, 2008, Liviu Mircea a spus...
hey Erkut...thanks for your nice comment...but.....i don't believe in Paradise,,,,fuck it!...i believe in life,,,,what i cna experience now...i mean NOW...not after i won't be.....i'm not so great...but i love traveling...eventhough that is somewhere inside my mind....don't call them dreams....just simple : you keeping dear friend??...maybe someday i will visit your country....and i wish that,honestly...hope to find time and ....other necessary things...take care...write...cose you're a great poet....
La 8:19pm în Aprilie 2, 2008, Vladimir a spus...
La 9:57pm în Februarie 27, 2008, Liviu Mircea a spus...
excellent Elegy for Millennium
La 9:54pm în Februarie 27, 2008, Liviu Mircea a spus...
hello my friend....
poetule, bucur sa te intalnesc si aici...bine ai venbit acasa printre poeti...
La 10:08am în Ianuarie 28, 2008, Lucia Daramus a spus...
Hello, Erkut Tokman!

I like your poem very much. - ELEGY FOR MILLENNIUM
The poetical tremble of life-dead; dead-life is very good: "I am a dead poet (...); I am a dead dream- maker (...)"
The poem is your philosophical dream.
Kind regards,
Lucia Daramus
La 1:21pm în Ianuarie 19, 2008, Lucia Daramus a spus...
Hallo! Thank you very much for your appreciations.
My congratulations to you for your cultural activities and special gifts.
Do you like cartoons?
Best wishes,

La 7:28pm în Ianuarie 14, 2008, Gelu Vlaşin a spus...
welcome on board, in the cultural network !




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