Raymond Allan Kuran
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Raymond Allan Kuran

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Preocuparile tale artistice:
poet, muzician
Despre mine :
I have traveled a lot from an early age of 14 when I found the bottle and anything one could do as in Drugs, etc. At 16 the dreaded needle had become my way of gettin' high. But alcohol had always been #1 with me until May of 1999 when I hit detox for the first time. Lasting 6 months or until Dec 9th 1999. That has been my Birth of a New Life within a Spiritual inner and outer look at the world and everything in it.
My Music has been a hugh part of my life. Since I was very Young I had been writing. playing guitar and singing my songs.
In 2003 I found it time to start to record. Spirits Lost + Found 2003 , Not In Vain 2004 and Let It Shine 2005 all copyrights of S.A.Canada + Raymond Allan Kuran . I will continue to try to bring a message of Hope to Others as I was and their Loved Ones. " The Morbid Maze Of Addiction" and the Dial Up website " Dark Side Of The Light " are an amzing tool to send such a message along with all my music that can be heard in Full. My Epk Sonicbids has full downloads etc. Bless You + Yours From Raymond Allan Kuran
Website / Blog :

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Raymond Allan Kuran's Blog

Love Star Falls © 2003

Postat în Decembrie 9, 2010 la 11:00pm 0 Comentarii


Postat în Decembrie 13, 2009 la 3:03am 0 Comentarii

From the memory of the last time in and out of detox on Dec 9th 1999 .

One of the fortunate to be still here to walk Free from the use of alcohol and the drugs.

Spirits Lost + Found was written the Day I left the detox unit in Winnipeg MB Canada

The song lyrics will remain in the once blank page in a Big Book.

To look back a few days over 10 Years since the Journey had begun with a Spirit Lost To Being Found .Only because of being able to Open My Mind from Prejudice in all… Continuare

A Song I was Granted From My Soul To The War Vets and their Families . " TALL MAN © 2004 " Raymond Allan Kuran To You

Postat în Noiembrie 5, 2009 la 11:30pm 0 Comentarii

To All The War Vets and to Our Armed Forces and Their Families God has granted me this song to sing and record in 2004 to write about a man from MB Canada of the 1st Nations of Peguis. His name: Sgt Tommy Prince one of the most decorated Soldiers after the 2nd World War in Canada. He lost his battle not on the lands of Europe But on the Streets of Winnipeg MB Canada. The Story is tragic as I have seen many lose live to the disease of alcoholism.

This song is much more than just about the… Continuare

At a Time when this Drifter so Full of Heavy Drugs and Alcohol . I Found in 1999, " You We're Callin © 2005 "

Postat în Octombrie 1, 2009 la 12:00pm 1 Adaugă un comentariu

I Found the Spirit I had pushed SO Far away from inside a Child that I never thought until 1999 when I was one of the Fortunte To Survive " The Morbid Maze Of Addiction"

If not for ( God I call my Higher Power ) " Each to there own in what You believe or don't "

I know I would not be writing you today. Whom I am writing to ?. The Lord knows Indeed not I . I believe Nothing happens for NO Reason. We are put in each others path for amazing things to come in life. If not this one . I… Continuare

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La 9:34pm în Ianuarie 23, 2011, Luiza Cala a spus...

Dear Ray,

I'm glad you like my paintings. Thanks!
Life is a maze, it's true! It is important to find the way out ..

You succeeded to get out of the  dark labyrint, this is important!

Now you're in another maze, in a maze of light, but still a maze ...
Try not to forget the story of Ariadne's thread, teach others, help tham, teach tham
to become winners too!

I write and listen to your music. It is full of deep feeling. I like and I will post on my Facebook page.
Be happy, dear winner!

A big hug,


La 11:55am în Decembrie 4, 2010, seul alexandru decebal a spus...
thank You Allan decebal alexandru seul
La 9:34am în August 11, 2010, seul alexandru decebal a spus...
Thank You Allan/ Decebal Alexandru Seul
La 6:49pm în Iunie 29, 2010, seul alexandru decebal a spus...
Pentru tine Allan,o vară cu multe bucurii şi împliniri în cele dorite, decebal alexandru seul
La 6:38pm on Mai 30, 2010, Lucretia Berzintu i-a dăruit utilizatorului Raymond Allan Kuran un cadou...
La 11:46am în Ianuarie 8, 2010, stelian grigore a spus...
Today I want to offer you my diaporama MAD HOSPITAL . You find it on my page . I wish you a wonderfull day . Astazi vreau sa-ti daruiesc diaporama SPITALUL DE NEBUNI . O gasesti pe pagina mea . Sper sa ai o zi minunata azi .
La 3:33pm on Decembrie 25, 2009, turean nadia i-a dăruit utilizatorului Raymond Allan Kuran un cadou...
La 8:18pm în Decembrie 12, 2009, Arradia von Drachstedt a spus...
Hello Ray, very good your music!
You can post your biografy or upload your music at www.dianaciurtin.ning.com !
Good luck and blessings!




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