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I am a chinese lady. I love poetry.

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La 12:03am în Februarie 16, 2008, Liviu Mircea a spus...
nice poem,very nice images....
La 1:08pm în Februarie 14, 2008, Gema Moraleja Paz a spus...
ni hao ma?....
La 3:21pm în Februarie 11, 2008, lisa a spus...
Moonlight cascaded like water over the lotus leaves and flowers
a light blue mist floating up from the pool made them seem washed in milk or caught in a gauzy dream
though the moon was full
a film of pale clouds in the sky
graceful shadows of willows seemed painted on the lotus leaves.
the moonlight on the pool was not uniform
but light and shadow made up a harmonious rhythm like a beautiful tune played on a violin.
La 3:09pm în Februarie 11, 2008, lisa a spus...
here is a china poetry:
when they gather lotus at Nantang in autumn
The lotus blooms are higher than their heads
they stoop to pick lotus seeds
seeds as translucent as water
La 10:24pm în Februarie 6, 2008, Liviu Mircea a spus...
happy new year....lots of love and happy days....just don't give up on loving poetry....
La 10:52am în Februarie 4, 2008, Mihai Vieru a spus...
here you are:
Salty lavender tears/ o'er your smile a blossom// as watching// jellyfish the sky devours//gathered//in their search for food//in their plead for a mood// as good//in their plea for sea// for you &//for lavander tree// ..then, they will cover//the ashamed face //of the louering sun.
La 1:43pm în Februarie 3, 2008, Liviu Mircea a spus...
Hi Rong.nice to have you closer even on that site.well come on world of poetry.
La 9:46am în Februarie 1, 2008, Mihai Vieru a spus...
hello Hu Xiu!!!!!!! I have rememberd to tell you about my new book soon to see the light of day! it is called Shinobi, Randie. there are several Japanese words within, yet not chinese, but I have the feeling you'll love it. probably I shall have it translated for you
La 8:43am în Ianuarie 31, 2008, Mihai Vieru a spus...
glad to hear from you! it' a dizzy morning 8 42 it's also nice to heve you in my mail box on such a day
La 5:33am în Ianuarie 31, 2008, lisa a spus...
I like feeling what I want to feel. poetry is a feeling that people is feeling.


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