Mihai Beniuc - The Last Letter

The end has come in unexpected manner.

Are you happy now?

I notice this new ring on your finger

And understand I’ll have to cancel

My useless expectation. Do the same!

No, utter no word, don’t tell me that’s a form.

I know its full significance at length.

And also know that in your life

You do observe another norm.

Yet, in the face of norm I do not bend.

I’ll never worship you into my verses.

I’ll never show myself in front of you.

I will not blame you cause you are not guilty

And will not say, you did not understand.

I guess, it was a very big mistake.

It could be more – but it was nothing on.

Yet, in eternity of my boredom

I still don’t think that you were betting on.

And yet, a few and furtive touches

Have been enough to make me lose my head,

I could see far too well the vault with angels,

The light into my night of fall.

And when in your frail and tender clay-made body,

I laid majestically Midas’fingers on,

There tolled in me the murmur of the sea

And all these blessed creations above all.

I could see raising up in times

Your statue made up of massive pure gold,

And earnest centuries removing their shoes

And kneeling one by one as slaves,

Down at your godlike socle wait

You stretch with your calm and serene smile

Your right hand which they’ll all kiss

Before it fades away into the abyss.

Oh, if we had stayed together for one hour,

You’d had remained into my golden dream

As an eternal pinky aurora

Of a no meaning, of no sense.

The story ended irreversibly

And I shall really ignore whether you’ll read

By chance these verses

In which I’d like what you will be, but you are not.

I will not crush this dream under my feet,

I will not stain with bad words what I love.

I could have said: “You are like any”

Yet I don’t want to go that deep.

And if the ooze were to burry you like chasm,

You will remain my pure snow-white lily

Lost in desire mirroring abysm

And kept in tender innocence of memory.

An innocent you will remain for ever,

And uttering no words I’ll always love you,

And people will not know as never

Why other women can’t be praised by me.

Up there under the light of mystery,

Bathed in the pure crystal water of my reverie,

You will remain beloved into the sky

An evening tender calm and serene star.

And when, the life will play bad tricks on you,

When they will splash the mud on you all over

You’d better run away into my world of dream

Because we’ll be together and for ever.

And with my tears I will wipe out all your stains,

And I’ll caress you with the yet unwritten lines

And into their sweet and swinging rhythm

You’ll have to feel like into your first dream.

And if I were, as I feel,

To leave away from you in a short time,

When your voice will ever call me’n sigh,

I shall come back to you straight from my tomb.

And if, I were not to cross

For good the mostly locked up bounds,

I would fight hard into the coldest dust,

Weeping with bitterness into the ever growing night.

English Version by

Muguras Maria Petrescu

Vizualizări: 80

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