I was wondering if the scarf made last year
feels warm and soft  to your neck
holding above the chin I have bitten and kissed
if the Victorian blanket I knitted
covers well your knees
the ones I caressed when they were sore and bruised and bleeding
if you’re still listening to
the carol I sang in a lower key
after I cried and cried  with my arms in a knot around your waste on that platform
if you are growing the tulip bulbs I’ve sent you
in a row in a bunch or in a pot?
are the reds mixed randomly with the yellows?
if on our chess board
my queen has yet taken
your king
has the sorrow in your heart
been replaced with the
of a party balloon?
every word you send me is a secret silver bullet fired under a full moon
this is our cozy underworld
the rest is nothing
..from Mrs Baby to Mr. Baby

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Comentariu publicat de Corina Gina Papouis pe Decembrie 30, 2011 la 2:09pm

Ah..I just did..<3

Comentariu publicat de Moroz Cristian pe Decembrie 29, 2011 la 8:32pm

Hope you will get an answer to your note!


Comentariu publicat de Corina Gina Papouis pe Decembrie 23, 2011 la 7:44pm

Mrs and Mr Baby would like to take this opportunity and wish you and all the readers of this poem a very Merry Christmas! :)

Comentariu publicat de Andrei A. RADU pe Decembrie 23, 2011 la 11:00am

And so,what?

Comentariu publicat de mihai ganea pe Decembrie 22, 2011 la 7:33pm

Eşarfe, pături şi lalele

regina, regele şi tabla de

heliu şah balonul şi

doamna  Pat cu domnul Pat o lume

o lume interrlopă şi



Aşa ar putea începe marea prefacere. Cu tornade şi speranţe . . .


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