From the memory of the last time in and out of detox on Dec 9th 1999 .
One of the fortunate to be still here to walk Free from the use of alcohol and the drugs.
Spirits Lost + Found was written the Day I left the detox unit in Winnipeg MB Canada
The song lyrics will remain in the once blank page in a Big Book.
To look back a few days over 10 Years since the Journey had begun with a Spirit Lost To Being Found .Only because of being able to Open My Mind from Prejudice in all ways one may look and feel about everything around ones self .
To Remain Grateful Everyday and to keep within the Circle everyday is not always an easy task by any means of the words.
To have found other ailments as of lately is still No Reason enough to open the Jug nor the needle.
As I made a deal with My Lord whom resides Within + All around that I will stay the coarse no matter what this world puts in my way. May it be ???? Will always be something Indeed.
I will Pray for All whom still suffer from the Diseases of addiction.
God Bless You + Yours From Raymond Allan Kuran
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Troubled mind brings troubled
thoughts. Open bottle brings
broken hearts. A young Soul so
soon destroyed and all his
angers are then employed.
May one see through eyes so
black !!

Spirit Once So Deep Inside.
Spirit Once So Deep Inside.

Days of joy were often told.
A young man dreams of ones
to hold. Days go by his thoughts
within turn to dreams a glass
would bring.

Spirit Flowing, Flowing Wild.

His age appears upon his face.
A lust for life a MORBID MAZE !!
A jug or two will fill the place
where once a boy and Spirit

Spirit Gone, Gone Astray.

But don't forget a God inside
was not released just pushed
aside. Many know they live and
grow. Spirit now within he'll
know. To open up his blackened
Soul. Bring him Hope that he once
had known.

Spirit Growing, Growing Slow.
Spirit Growing, Growing Slow.

His eyes of black they soon will
glow. A hateful heart shall turn
and go. Older now but young at
Heart. His Higher Power release
the Dark. Spirit now that he has
found, make him dance on Sordid

Make Him Dance On Sordid Ground
Make Him Dance On Sordid Ground
Make Him Dance On Sordid Ground


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