The last letter (After the poem "Ultima scrisoare" by Mihai Beniuc)

The end has come, without a note, at once.
That ring has made you happy? ‘Cause I saw it
and understood. I must reject this glance,
this hopeless hope. You also have to do it

without a word. Don’t tell me that’s a form,
I know so well its meaning as a whole.
Your life has such a ruthless norm,
that I despise it. Such an empty wall!

I’ll never sing again those odes for you,
I’ll keep my steps away from you forever.
I do not blame - your innocence is true
and your good feelings help me more than ever!

Of course, it was a meaningless mistake…
It could have been my life, no time for sorrow.
I will stay weary in this empty lake
of love... until you’ll come tomorrow,

to touch my lips, my shoulders like in dream…
than I will fly to see what’s over rainbows,
those angels coming down a sunbeam,
that light, which fills my nightmare’s shadows…

When I did touch your skin in magic path,
your dear being, earthen, fragile toy,
I felt like Midas, avid of your breath,
the first creator of your endless joy…

I’ve even seen your monument above
the time of our lives, a golden tile -
beneath, those years of steady, hopeless love
are down the knees, awaiting for your smile.

They will do kiss your hand and will adore you
as you will leave for good with rakish eyes…
You proud and selfish being, yes, I will do
the same, in spite of all your childish lies.

We should have been together for one hour
and no one second more… than you’ve have stayed
forever in my mind - a graceful flower
to whom the powers of this world obeyed.

But now I know, this story has an end
like all the other stories. Just that you
will never read the letter that I sent,
In which I wish you were the one I knew.

I can’t despise my dreams, I cannot say
A word against my heart, against my eyes…
How can I lie that you are dead today
when you are smiling from amidst my lies?

Surrounded by the deepest, dirty mires,
your pure light will always keep aside
the lust of human beings, the desires
that burn the flesh, which memories abide.

Your place will be the place of sweetest slumber,
of everlasting pray for what I love.
The world will never know the prayers’ number
And you will never know how much I strove.

When life will come to touch your fairy shape,
To show its filthy hands in front of you,
Please take your dreams and run to be my mate.
I will defend what stands for me as true.

With tears I will clean your eyes and heart
And never-written verses I will sing,
I’ll take the rays of moon and sun apart
To make for us the never-wedding ring.

But if it comes that I will leave one day
without a word, then call me in your grief…
It doesn’t matter where you will stay,
I’ll fight escape like the most damned thief.

And if my sentence will prevent me be
beside your breath, to lighten it from pains,
Then all the darkness that a soul can see
will fall upon in never ending rains.
The translation was meant to convey the message of the poem while keeping a form, rhythm and rhime. It is not an accurate, exact translation, in some places I took the liberty of making up some verses in order to preserve the whole message and spirit of the poem.

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